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"Training in High Voltage Electricity" Course

Course program is in accordance with ”Guidance on Outline Syllabi for ROV-Related Training Courses” IMCA R 010 (IMCA R 005) and developed taking into account IMCA R005 “High Voltage Equipment: Safety Procedures for working on ROV’s” and IMCA SEL031, IMCA M 217 “Offshore Vessel High Voltage Safety” Guidance .

“Training in High Voltage Electricity” course is an additional professional training, intended for ship personnel, operating and maintaining power systems with more than 1000 voltage. In accordance with STCW Convention 78, as amended, beginning from January 1, 2017, all engineering specialists of the ships, equipped with high voltage systems, should have certificates confirming their competence in safe operation of high voltage systems.

After the end of training and successful assessment graduates are issued “Training in High Voltage Electricity” certificates.


Training duration:

Distant training: 2 days (student has access to the personal account in online system for a week).

Theoretical training is carried out in the distance form with the use of “Training in High Voltage Electricity”, implemented into Distance Learning System (DLS).

Practical lessons: 1 day, 7,5 hours.

During practical training the following skills are obtained:

  • Standard labeling;
  • Codes of safe practice;
  • Types/use and operation of high voltage systems components;
  • Repair/maintenance of high voltage systems;
  • Safety during works with high voltage systems.

Examination at the end of training includes theoretical skills assessment and practical skills obtaining.

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