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President Vladimir Putin about mass distance education

December 18, 2013

On December 12, 2013 President Putin during his annual Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly touched the topic of education and, in particular, a distance one.

President Vladimir Putin

"... A word of warning to university rectors in this respect: the situation will soon reach a point where the Finance Ministry will look at your revenues and will lower the norms accordingly. This is what you will end up with, and education, students and the universities will all suffer as a result.

We must also make a much greater effort to export quality education services and create conditions for having foreign students and our compatriots abroad, especially from the CIS countries, to study in Russian universities. This is something that can play a very big part in strengthening Russia’s cultural and intellectual influence in the world.

Over this coming period we must settle the matter of mutual recognition of school diplomas within the CIS and also examine the matter (as a proposal) of setting up centres for sitting the Russian National Final School Exam in accordance with Russia’s standards in the CIS countries, at Russian language centres, for example. These exams would be held at the same time as the National Final School Exam takes place in Russia’s schools. This would give talented young people from the CIS greater opportunities for coming to study at Russia’s universities.

Finally, we need to speed up the adoption of laws that would enable Russian universities to actively develop distance learning, which would also be aimed above all at our compatriots abroad and at the CIS countries.

As we improve professional education, we must remember that the labour market is becoming more flexible and people need to have possibilities for re-training and getting a new professional start in life. We must provide the right conditions for people who are willing to change jobs or move to a different town or region. Of course, this needs to be coordinated with our regional and local development plans, and working together with business..."

source: www.eng.kremlin.ru

Starting from its foundation STORM company explores every avenue for development and implementation of electronic and distance study technologies into educational process.

Spectacular example of it is cooperation with Moscow State Academy of Water Transport in realization of educational programmes on the water transport specialists training courses which are held in the networked form.

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